Gallery BarnCreating an art gallery in our weathered, antique barn seemed natural to my husband and I, as we moved into our new home in October of 2002. The barn and house nestle in the middle of an enchanting historic village of only a dozen or so colonial houses, two antique churches, a community center and a one room schoolhouse.

Across the back field Jonathan Gibson works in his pewter shop creating works of art; across the street Sissi Shattuck, an accomplished painter, fills her gallery with fine art. The charming village itself begs to be painted or photographed. Here, in our gallery we gather the works of local artisans, as well as artists from other areas. We also specialize in antiques, gifts and cards.

The gallery is open for special events during the summer and fall. 

Our back porch looks out on the village field. Here we serve refreshments, hold workshops and enjoy the view of my pottery shop and our blacksmith shop, where we have demonstrations in the summer.


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