Ray Bliss Rich

Ray Bliss Rich was born and grew up in a small community in New Hampshire. He graduated with a degree in Sociology and later a Masters degree in Counseling. In 1993 Ray decided to leave counseling to pursue art as a full time profession. Since that time his sumi-e paintings, often done on his own hand made paper, have been collected by many across the United States.

This original painting titled, Grapes, is painted on Ray’s hand made paper with knotweed inclusions and an embedded reed segment. Grapes symbolize prosperity.

Although Ray has won awards for his sumi-e paintings which capture the essence of the object using minimal strokes, he is also known for his appearance on the Martha Stuart Show on television, showing and describing his methods of painting.

Ray is also an accomplished photographer. You can find examples of his photography on our web site. Just click “photography.” Ray lives with his wife Joan, and their cat Sylvester, in Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

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