Sasha Wolfe

Sasha has been a creative individual all her life. Some of the earliest recollections were making paper dolls and designing clothing for them. As she got older, she dabbled in many mediums as colors, patterns, and textures always fascinated her.

Throughout the years, Sasha took occasional art courses when time and money allowed; oils, photography, and charcoal. She also took workshops in poetry, creative writing, and Proprioceptive writing and published three books; two chapbooks of poetry and a bigger book of her poetry, photography, and art.

The 1990s found her working with combos—part painting, part using findings from nature, and part creating with small items that she finds interesting. One of her favorite pieces is one in which she used all the earrings from her younger days.

In photography, she tries to keep the pictures true. The only enhancements are cropping and adjusting light, contrast, or saturation depending on printer and paper.  Sasha strives to keep the images as she first saw them and never “arranges” a setting.

Getting involved in charcoal landscape drawing was a radical and interesting change as Sasha always focused on color. Now, as she travels around, she not only sees the beauty in its natural setting, but considers how it would look in shades between black and white. Working with charcoal brings a bit of a mystery to the projects.

Life is an artistic journey and Sasha loves sharing what finds. Every day is an adventure. As an artist, she is always looking for that “something different” to set her work apart. She can explore the feelings of emptiness as well as play Native American Flute to bring her to that place where creativity lies.  Enjoy what you see.

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