Serap Yurdaer

Serap Yurdaer Erboy was born and raisewd in Germany. She moved to Turkey in 1982 and has lived in Alacati since 2002 with her husband and her cats. Since 1983 she has worked in the travel industry as a consultant. Currently, much of her time is dedicated to her ceramic studio, Alacati Arts & Crafts.

What started as a hobby became a new career for her. Most of her ceramic work is
wheel thrown, ranging from functional pottery to abstract sculptural pieces. She also teaches lessons for children in her village to encourage artistic expression.

Serap Yurdaer has also written a charming book entitled ALACATI, An Enchanting  Getaway in Aegean Turkey. It is a lovely guide to all the hidden nooks, crannies and historical points of interest in her village. Her drawings are delightful additions to the informative text.

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