What is a Well Sweep?

One question that we hear most often is, “What is a well sweep?”

A well sweep is a device used to bring water up from a well. The term, “sweep” refers to the long pole which is lowered until the bucket on the end goes down into the well and fills with water. Because the pole is anchored in the middle on another pole, creating a fulcrum, it can be counter balanced, thus making it easy to raise the pole, and lift the bucket from the well.

Well sweeps were more common one hundred years ago or more. But today, if you will look in the front yard of the gallery you will see one among the lilacs.

A fierce wind storm in 2005 damaged the well sweep. A neighbor kindly offered us a perfect forked tree from his yard to replace the damaged one. The picture below shows two more friends and neighbors installing the new pole and repairing our well sweep. It now works perfectly again.

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