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Dear Friends, Patrons and Visitors to The Gallery at Well Sweep;

We are available year around for you to purchase gifts, paintings or other items. Below is a sample of some of the artisans work. If you see an item that interests you we can e-mail a more detailed photo for your inspection before you make your decision. From time to time we will also add items to this page.

Please call us at (603) 464-6585 to order or for more information about a specific item.

Gift Ideas:

Dolly, Her Story

By Jane Ruggles Pinel

“If an author wrote the early losses that Dolly overcame in a novel, one would say it was unbelievable! But Dolly is true and written to masterfully interweave Dolly’s words from tapes with rich description of a child’s life that reveals the sharp spirit of survival in the child’s first observations of rural life and death. The story is both unique and universal. All immigrant families can identify with the her immense losses and responsibilities – the card dealt. This book is not only heart-felt read, it is an American, a Canadian, and Irish, and a universal story of starting over, and over again. As a social studies teacher, I recommend this book for young adults, women, men, and American Studies!”

The Picnic Book

Paperback 1983   94 pages   $5.00

After the author and her partner closed their popular restaurant, the Knife & Fork, in Bradford, New Hampshire, she wrote this “how to” book about creating a picnic for a variety of events. It includes chapters on how to organize a Picnics for One, Picnics of Love, Spectator Picnics, Occasion Picnics, Backpack Picnics, and Theme Picnics; adding what’s needed for equipment, wines, other beverages and recipes.

Some of the photographs depict the fun they had setting up the picnics.

Antique Truck Photographs by Bob Lint

The photos were all taken at the Kemp Brothers Mack Truck Museum located in Hillsborough, NH

Choose a 5″x7″ or 8.5″x11″ photo from this beautiful collection

Antique Truck Photographs by Bob Lint
Introduce your child to art and music with a doll

Choose a doll from this colorful group to introduce your child to a famous artist or composer. Each doll is crafted to express the personality of each famous person, from the facial expression to the costume and shoes.

Introduce your child to art and music with a book written especially for them.

Combine your gift of a doll with a charming book written especially for children to introduce a famous artist or composer.

A gift certificate for a portrait of your child, adult, or your favorite pet. Artist Carole Hoffmann creates wonderful portraits in pastel.Starting at $500.
Hoffman - Dog & Cat
Hand-woven scarves and apparel by Hope Thomas, made from wool that she raises and spins herself on her Hillsborough sheep farm.
Pottery by Ken Pick, Chauncey Berdan, Steve Cunliffe, Jane Pinel and others. Casseroles, serving dishes, mugs and lamps from $10 up
Speaking of lamps we have a selection of lamps by Ken Blaisdell, Hand made with beautiful, hand painted shades.
Lamp Shade
Hand painted ceramic tiles by Carol Keiser. 6″x6″ $46 each.
Art Tile
Folk Art by Diane Gutgesell. Wonderful New Hampshire paintings on mushrooms and other objects such as saws. A perfect gift for a New Hampshire vacation home.
Hand-painted Mushroom
Iron work by Gary LaRose and Ian Eddy. Candle holders, mug racks, towel holders, and an assortment of hooks and hangers for all sorts of things. Starting at $10 and up.
And photographs and prints, nature, scenes of New Hampshire, winter scenes, and much more.

We can scan a photo and send it to you by email for review.

Call (603) 464-6585 and let us help you with your gift shopping.

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